Artist's Statement - Bio

It's not often one gets the opportunity to start a brand new life somewhere else in the world, and when it arrived for me I embraced it. My life journey has brought me to the art I create today. Representing the beauty of this world we live in is my objective. There are so many ugly, unhappy and upsettling things happening, that as an artist, I want to emphasize and recreate the beauty as I see it.

The natural world is my passion. I, along with many people say we need nature around us to be balanced, happy and well adapted human beings. If I can bring nature into peoples' lives and homes, through my art, I have reached my goal. I know the powerful impact a specific scene can have on somebody, and to have this scene in one's home is a wonderful thing. That's why I paint.

In order to create, there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love? - Igor Stravinsky.

My family and I lived in the Republic of South-Africa. Our family lineage goes back to the late 17th century, following the settlements in South Africa by the Dutch East India Trade Company. My husband, myself and our two sons started our new life in Colorado, in 1996. I have always drawn and painted for enjoyment and in 1993 started working professionally in S.A. A few years after the move to the US, in 1998, I entered the art world of the Front Range of Northern Colorado, struggling with the yearning for Africa and embracing the beautiful new world I was living in. Art has been many things for me, a coping method, an expression of celebration, even a way to remember the past. I understand the power art has in my life, and wish for others to experience the intensity behind a well crafted painting as much as I experience it.

I mostly work in water colors and oils. I love texture and like to incorporate it in my paintings using various techniques. The process of creating a piece is such lucsious fun. The vapors of the linseed oil wafting in the air as I swatch the creamy oils onto the canvas with a knife in thick, heavy impasto strokes.... Oh, delicious! And the magic of water colors flowing, floating and mingling with a mind of its own... But I'm getting carried away. I am primarily self-taught but have attended workshops and classes over the years. Recent awards include 1st place watercolor, 2nd place oil and 2 People's choice awards at various shows. My work is in various private collections mainly in the US, but also in the U.K and S.A. My art can be viewed at Particulars in Lafayette and at various public venues in Longmont.

I believe art to be another mode of communication, just like speaking or writing, and we should teach our children to draw, as we teach them to write. To be able to draw, one has to observe, and once we really "see", we can engage the world around us much more actively. Engagement fosters a full, rewarding life. In my case, filled with enjoyment, love and care. My wish is for observers to find their own special moment, of joy, in my art.


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